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 Daniel Landes is the owner of two restaurants in Denver, Colorado: Watercourse Foods and City, O’ City, as well as Osa Mariposa hostel and restaurant in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Over the years, Dan has built a tremendously successful and nationally recognized empire with these businesses, creating some of the finest vegan and vegetarian food to be found in the U. S. While Dan has poured his life into his restaurants, he has also found time to create a story so profound and engaging it’s destined to become a best-seller. Joonie and the Great Harbinger Stampede is a story about an unlikely hero who was born “into tumultuous times”. This hero, Joonie,  happens to be a rabbit who is being heralded as a “runner” and who has the unforgiving mission of stopping the great Iam from overtaking the world. Intrigued yet? One read and you’ll see why this is essential reading for our times, as it’s not just about a rabbit but is a greater metaphor for beginning consciousness.

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Friends of Joonie

Friends of Joonie

Art by Ravi Zupa